The communist FBI is trying to intimidate pro-gun Patriots.  Especially since 40,000 Patriots converged on Richmond, Virginia in a show of force.


Reno detectives Greg Prestopino and Andrew Kwon came to my job to question me about "knowing" Robert Bowers - the guy who shot up a Pittsburgh synagogue a year ago.  I don't know the man.  I've never been to PA.


 These guys are grasping at straws.  And deliberately jeopardizing my employment, regardless of what they say.  They could have stopped by my home.  


REAL AMERICAN PATRIOTS are gonna be starved out.  The communization of America is in full swing, and it can't be accomplished until our hundreds of millions of guns are confiscated.  Toward this end the internet is crawling with informers - usually headquartered in communist israel - who are doxing us.


Harold Dean Berry
Fernley, Nevada